Online Modular Enrichment Programs


The ACEM Online Program provides opportunities that will enable students to unlock learning difficulties in Mathematics, Science and English; or enhance understanding of concepts and acquire new skills that will put the learner to the advantage for the next level of learning.

We are accepting enrollees until July 15, 2021. Classes start July 19 to August 6, 2021. (Each module will be completed within this time frame).



THE ACEM ONLINE LEARNING PROGRAM - What You Need To Know Before Signing Up


A. Course Offerings

A. Language and Reading

Communication Skills in English

Grades 1-10

Emergent Reading

Kinder 1

Emergent Math

Kinder 1

Reading and Comprehension

Kinder 2 and Non-Readers (Grade 1 and 2)

Oral Communication for grade 10 (in preparation for Senior High School)

Grade 10

B. Mathematics

Emergent Math

Kinder 1


Kinder 2


Grade 1-10


Grade 10 - Senior High School


Grade 9 - Senior High School

C. Science


Junior and Senior High School


Junior and Senior High School


B. Introductory Fee

P 3,200/subject - 12 Sessions - 11/2 hours per session (18 hours live online sessions via Google Meet or Zoom.)

C. Method of Payment

B.1. Bank Transfer - ACEM's bank information will be sent to your email. Please use that to remit payment. Once completed, please take a picture of the receipt and send it to
B.2. Visit ACEM to pay personally - The ACEM office will be open to accept payments. Please follow guidelines in protecting yourself. Wear a face mask, do not bring your children.
B.3. Credit Card Payment - ACEM will accept major credit cards via Paypal. Our media partner Blue Ink Media will accept your payment in our behalf.


  • Payments are Non-refundable
  • Once officially registered, the student is bound to pay the whole amount of the course.
  • In case the teacher/instructor fails to deliver or complete the required number of sessions, refund is allowed. Refund shall be computed according to the number of sessions rendered by the teacher/instructor.
  • Schedule of sessions shall be strictly followed and monitored. Failure to appear online during a scheduled session shall be counted against the total number of sessions.
  • In cases of unavoidable circumstances, the student or the teacher may reschedule a session, but not more than two (2) times within the scheduled 10 sessions.

D. Exclusive Access - The video lessons that we have painstakingly prepared for our students are password-protected. Upon successful registration, we will send your child's username and password to the email that you provide.

E. Individualized Instruction

  • Modules shall be prepared according to the needs of the individual students
  • Activities for practice and mastery shall be provided by the teacher
  • Mastery of concepts and skills is ensured through interactive learning

F. Schedule of Classes (TBD)

Please click here to see the schedule of classes.

G. Course Requirements

To participate in ACEM's Online classes, please ensure the following is available to your child:

  • Tablet, laptop or desktop
  • Internet connection (wifi or data)
  • Download and install Google Chrome.
  • Download and install the ZOOM app from

H. For Inquiries     

  1. 0919-0012-1705 (Ms. Linda Baylon)
  2. 0921-584-5527 (Ms. Ruth Pasion)
  3. 0916-989-0321 (Ms. Lilia Sanchez)



Please enter information on this form to make payment for Online Modular Enrichment Programs .
The amount you need to pay is P 3,200.00.


Cash payments can be made through bank transfer or visiting the ACEM office. For bank transfers, we will send our bank information to the email you provide when you register.

For credit card payments, we use Paypal to process your payment. You do not need to have an account with Paypal. Just select "Pay with a credit or Visa debit card". Our media partner, Blue Ink Media, will accept your payment in our behalf.

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