New Students

The Academy of Christian Excellence Montessori is open to all children of right age to submit themselves for screening for admission. All new students should comply with the following requirements:

  1. Diagnostic Test (Pre-School, except for the in-coming nursery students)
  2. Written Exams
  3. Interview with the Student
  4. Interview with the Parents
  5. Birth Certificate
  6. Report Card
  7. Certificate of Good Moral Character


ACE Montessori accepts transferees from other schools in all grade levels, provided that they have satisfied the requirements as specified for admission.

Late enrollees or transferees shall be required to pay the tuition and other fees in full regardless of the date they came in.

Aside from the requirements for admission, transferees should submit their Form 137 from their previous school within the school year, otherwise, they are considered temporarily enrolled.

In case of transfer out, the student should be cleared of all money and material obligations in school. The following guidelines shall be followed:

  1. Reservation Fee is non-refundable.
  2. 75% of the downpayment and tuition fee is refundable before the first day of classes in June.
  3. 50% of the downpayment is refundable during the first 24 class days in June, but the tuition fee for June should be paid in full.
  4. Transfer out from July and henceforth, shall follow this payment scheme:

    Full downpayment
    1st and 2nd Quarter Payments
    Full downpayment
    1st and 2nd Quarter Payments
    December- January
    Full downpayment
    Full tuition fee

No transfer in shall be accepted nor transfer out shall be allowed after January. In case the student has a conditional status of enrollment, parents are required to sign the attached “Conditions for Admission”.

Old Students

Old students shall be admitted on the merits of their performance during the previous school year. The ACE Montessori children are precious gifts from God. As such, the school is committed to inspire and to lead them to a responsible and disciplined life. All students are expected to:

  1. Attend classes regularly
  2. Come to school on time
  3. Wear the official school uniform regularly
  4. Participate in all officially sanctioned school activities for total growth and development
  5. Submit assignments and projects on time
  6. Pay dues and obligations
  7. Observe school rules and regulations and show acceptable norms and behavior, as such as:
  8. Respect of elders, school teaching and non-teaching staff, and other students
  9. Keep the school premises clean, abhor vandalism
  10. Speak with controlled voice
  11. Ddevelop positive work attitudes and good study habits
  12. Value friendship, love and charity for harmonious relationship
  13. Keep a clean and healthy body
  14. Use school properties, equipment and materials with utmost care
  15. Observe proper social graces, clean speech, and refined movements
  16. Pursue excellence in all endeavors
  17. Use English as a major means of communication within the school premises

Conditions for Admission of Transferees and Repeaters

  1. He/She should not incur failing grade in any subject in all grading periods.
  2. He/She should have no grade lower than 80% in Values Education and lower than B- in Conduct in any grading period.
  3. Violation of school policies, rules and regulations especially in decorum shall be a ground for suspension or dismissal.
  4. Parents are expected to closely work and coordinate with the school on matters that affect the concerned students’ academic and behavioral performance in school.
  5. The concerned student’s performance shall be subject to re-evaluation for re-admission for the following year.